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DRAFT: This is all very draft and incomplete right now! Version 0.1 coming soon…


Social media? Youth engagement? Working out what we're talking about.


Making the case for engaging with social media.


Getting started, keeping it safe, and keeping it sustainable.


Looking at all the tools that the modern youth professional could have at their disposal.

More Information

This guide has been compiled by Tim Davies of Practical Participation with shared learning from many contributors.

The most recent work on this guide was supported through the work of the Local Government Information Unit Action Learning Set on Youth Participation and Social Network Sites.

Practical Participation offer research, training, consultancy and evaluation services to organisations and networks working on both Youth Participation and Social Media. Contact to find out how we could support your work.



Social Media Game Cards

One way of exploring the different tools available to you online youth engagement is to play the Social Media Game. You can find instructions for the game here. You can download game cards for most of the tools mentioned on this site below.

Printing the Cards with

The images below are sized to print out well on Business Cards from Moo will print packs of 50 or 200 full colour business cards with a different image on each one.

Just save the images of the cards you want in your Social Media Game to your computer, and then head to, choose to create business cards using the uploader, and upload the images. You can add your own text to the back, and the cards will usually be printed and with you within 5 - 10 days.

(Note: Whilst you can order 200 cards, Moo print in batches of 50. So if you want equal numbers of cards in a set of 200, choose to make your total card set a number that multiplies into 50. Upload 25 different card images to get 8 sets).

The Cards

These images are sized so that

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