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DRAFT: This is all very draft and incomplete right now! Version 0.1 coming soon…


Social media? Youth engagement? Working out what we're talking about.


Making the case for engaging with social media.


Getting started, keeping it safe, and keeping it sustainable.


Looking at all the tools that the modern youth professional could have at their disposal.

More Information

This guide has been compiled by Tim Davies of Practical Participation with shared learning from many contributors.

The most recent work on this guide was supported through the work of the Local Government Information Unit Action Learning Set on Youth Participation and Social Network Sites.

Practical Participation offer research, training, consultancy and evaluation services to organisations and networks working on both Youth Participation and Social Media. Contact to find out how we could support your work.



RSPB Social Media Workshop

7th March 2011. Delivered by Tim Davies.


The presentation is embedded below. You will need a recent version of Flash available to be able to view this presentation. Click the advance arrow to step through the pathway used during presenting, or click any items in the presentation to zoom in on them.


The workshop made use of the the Social Media Game cards to explore different possible strategies for using social media.

Notes of discussions are available from Mark Boyd.

Useful links for following up discussions include:

  • Social Media - The Social By Social book and resources are packed with case studies of different uses of social media.
  • Social Media and Youth - Social Media & Youth Participation in Local Democracy outlines various issues associated with using social media for youth engagement. The Young Foundation's Plugged In, Untapped report on youth leadership and social media provides a useful overview of the role of social media in youth leadership.
  • Social Media and Campaigning - The E-Campaigning forum mailing list (and annual open space conference) provides a supportive network of practitioners involved in online campaigning.
  • Organisational strategy - the Social Strategy Wiki identifies different barriers to social media use, and has some suggested responses to a number of them.
  • Open Data & Campaigning - tools like Open Street Map have active user communities interested in open access and open licensed mapping - contributing open data to the community. Open data is an area of rapid growth: introduces how to use open data practically; Making a Difference With Data is developing a resource on how data can be used in different sectors. The upcoming Open Data Campaigning Camp (24th March 2011) is a free event exploring how data can be used in campaigns. GetTheData is creating a community of people sharing news about available datasets - from local planning applications to historic weather data.

Dashboards and aggregators

A variety of links around online listening dashboard / aggregation approaches to social media:

Keep in touch

Have I missed notes or links on something you were interested in? Feel free to drop me a line:, or @timdavies on Twitter.

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