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DRAFT: This is all very draft and incomplete right now! Version 0.1 coming soon…


Social media? Youth engagement? Working out what we're talking about.


Making the case for engaging with social media.


Getting started, keeping it safe, and keeping it sustainable.


Looking at all the tools that the modern youth professional could have at their disposal.

More Information

This guide has been compiled by Tim Davies of Practical Participation with shared learning from many contributors.

The most recent work on this guide was supported through the work of the Local Government Information Unit Action Learning Set on Youth Participation and Social Network Sites.

Practical Participation offer research, training, consultancy and evaluation services to organisations and networks working on both Youth Participation and Social Media. Contact to find out how we could support your work.



Youth Engagement and Social media

This is a draft guide to using Social Media tools for Youth Engagement.

Version 0.0.1 - July 2009


The World Has Changed

  • People can be connected like never before;
  • We all now have the power to create and publish media to local and global audiences;
  • Young people are growing up in a constantly connected world - where the digital is part of the everyday;

It is hard to find a sphere of life untouched by the rapid rise of social technologies.

Work With Young People Is Changing

This guide has been created to support practitioners working with young people to understand and engage with social media and social networks.

It is a practical guide which introduces and explores new online tools. But it is not a guide about those tools. It is a guide about positive engagement with young people. And about the shift towards a more participatory culture in work with young people, and society more widely.

(Practical Guides Are Changing)

Social Media & Youth Participation

Social Media Guide

LGIU have published key learning on social media and youth participation in this printed guide, available for £10 or for free download as a PDF.

It is also an experiment in writing a resource for practitioners. This guide is written through a Wiki and the intention is that it will be regularly updated - to operate as a living resource.

It is shared right now as an early work in progress - but with the hope that the shared learning it contains will prove useful to anyone working with young people.

Getting started

Choose from the options in the main menu to explore this guide and it's different sections covering the what?, why?, how? and tools of social media for youth engagement.

Background Information

You might like to read about this guide or to find out more about the main author Tim Davies and Practical Participation who collated this resource.

The contents of the guide is based upon work sponsored and supported by The National Youth Agency and The Local Government Information Unit.

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