Young carers

There are over 170,000 known young carers in England. The Children’s Society Include project  has being at the heart of promoting young carers’ voice and influence, leading to significant improvement in policy and practice across England and internationally these last 15 years. Practical Participation has contributed in a range of ways to this movement, including through capacity building  in local authorities and the third sector, developing resources such as the Engage Toolkit  and in evaluating the current Young Carers in Focus programme.

Jennie has just started working with Young Carers in Focus (YCiF) Funded by a Youth in Focus grant from the Big Lottery Fund, this four-year programme is establishing a national network of young carers aged 10-25. Led and informed by young people, YCiF allows young carers to communicate, share stories and campaign for the things that matter most to them. The YCiF network is being developed by young carer ‘champions’, who are receiving training and skills to help them raise awareness about the issues they and other young carers face. Not only are they are reaching out to other young carers across the country, they are also informing policy and decision-makers about the changes they want to see at local and national level.  Jennie will be working with a group of young people from the project to evaluate its impact.

Youth Justice work

U R Boss is a project funded by the BIG lottery and is part of the Howard League for Penal Reform. U R Boss supports young people in the criminal justice system to secure their legal rights and have an impact on policy and services that affect them. Jennie and colleagues from De Montfort and Durham universities are undertaking an evaluation of the impact of the project. We have been working with a group of young researchers to help inform the evaluation of this exciting project. Two interim evaluation reports are available on-lineWelfare+Rights and Embedding Participation.

Young People Friendly Neighbourhoods

Young People Friendly Neighbourhoods was a two year England programme funded by the DfE across 20 neighbourhoods. It was led by Groundwork  and supported by San­ctuary Housing,  Youth Access  and FPM . Bill led the FPM consultants team, enabling local partnerships to build sustainable community-led provision for generic and targeted youth work at a time where funding and provision via local authorities were shrinking on average by 60%.

The FPM team also drew out and shared learning, including the potential of housing associations in brokering community conversations and energising long term solutions. Bill has applied some of this learning while working with Plus DaneAffinity Sutton , the first youth mutual Circle Crew for Change and on the national Big Local programme.

Much of the material and summary findings are available in our archive of resources and learning .

Leading for the Future

Leading for the Future is a resource created by Practical Participation working with The Woodcraft Folk.

Leading for the Future is designed to support local woodcraft folk groups to explore and develop their understanding of leadership, learn new skills and grow in confidence as young leaders. It is a set of activities, exploring different aspects of leadership, developing new skills and putting them into practice.

You can find the guide to download on the woodcraft folk website, or access a wide range of resources on our archive of learning from the project here.

Act by Right

Skills for the active involvement of children and young people in making change happen

Act by Right is a resource to support action and change. Written by Bill Badham in 2004 and updated in 2009, it arose out of a strong belief in children and young people’s right to activism and concern at the lack of robust but accessible resources to support this. It is based on a five stage journey and uses activities to build knowledge and skills to better equip activists to build and sustain campaigns to make things better where they live or on the things that are important to them. It is available free online at and we also have some hard copies.